Determine the better investment (in-house vs in-license) option for a small molecule drug

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Therapeutic Areas

Central Nervous System

Client Type

Mid-size Biotech

Client Problems

  • A mid-side biotech company wanted to explore adding a small molecule inhibitor to a newly discovered target in their therapeutic area

  • They wanted to determine the cost : benefit ratio of two options

  • Develop the small molecule inhibitor in-house

  • In-license a small molecule inhibitor from another company

What We Did

  • We analyzed two investment options for the novel SM inhibitor

  • We build an model to accurately determine the potential NPV and sales for the two investment options

  • Included portfolio level and fundraising strategic considerations for each investment option

  • Determined the impact of Loss of Exclusivity and the IP value in each scenario and ran a sensitivity analysis on the model.

Our Results And Insight

  • Sales forecast & NPV for both scenarios

  • Flexible powerful valuation tool. Includes real time sensitivity analysis

  • Corporate Development Plan

  • New Insights

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Commercial Strategy (Valuation, Business Development)

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Central Nervous System (Parkinson's, ALS)

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