Market forecast and technology valuation for a novel immuno-oncology cell therapy

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Client Type

Pre-clinical client

Client Problems

  • A UniveristyTechnical Transfer Office wants to analyze an internal novel cell therapy product indicated for several cancers

  • They wanted to prioritize the indications and understand the potential market over 20 years for the product across different geographies, including US, EU, Japan and China.

  • The client wanted to negotiate the licensing of the technology based on the market forecast and previous licensing deals

What We Did

  • Determined the top indication for the product and created a patient flow to determine the therapeutic opportunities

  • We created a sales prediction model for the cell therapy in different geographies, accounting for loss of patent exclusivity and pricing regulations in these geographies

  • We performed sensitivity analysis to account for different variabilities

  • We analyzed comparable deals and trends in the therapeutic space

Our Results And Insight

  • Patient flow and segmentation to determine therapeutic opportunity

  • Value unwind shows impact of PTS at each stage of development

  • Sensitivity analysis to account for treated Population, growth rate and pricing

  • Analysis of relevant comparable licensing deals

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