Quantitative market assessment of preselected diseases and selection of potential new indications

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Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Client Type

Pre-clinical client

Client Problems

  • A pre-clinical client with a novel drug platform wants to identify the best market for trials and product launch.


  • Client wanted to understand landscape and market potential for five preselected chronic diseases.


  • Client wanted to know if any other diseases for their preselected anatomy were viable markets as well.

What We Did

  • Quantitative assessment of unmet need, symptom severity, commercial viability and competition was done for preselected indications.

  • An additional ~100 other candidate diseases within appropriate anatomy were identified and scored as either worth examining further or not.

  • Diseases outside of initial anatomy that were compatible with client platform were also identified.

Our Results And Insight

  • Patient flow and segmentation to determine therapeutic opportunity

  • A database of all potential diseases with appropriate criteria was built

  • Potential diseases that scored well were compared based on unmet need and quality of life

  • Each disease was compared on market size, technical feasibility and commercial and clinical landscape

  • All potential diseases were scored based on market size and technical compatibility with platform

  • Additional indications with diseases compatible with client platform were identified, researched and suggested

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Commercial Strategy (Indication Prioritization), Portfolio Management

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Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

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