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Why Clients Choose First Principles Advisory Group

See why over 50 clients including Fortune 100 pharma companies, venture capitalists and their portfolio companies, several US and Canadian government agencies, and 4 universities use First Principles.

Core Team to C-Suite Execution

“I’ve used them when I was at a large, established biopharmaceutical company, as well as at several emerging biotech companies. The work is great - I highly recommend them.”

- CFO, Venture Funded Bio-oncology Company

Bringing Science to Market

“Particularly valuable bridging the transition from start-up to clinical through commercialization stages.”

- CBO, Venture Funded Bio-oncology Company

Fit for Purpose Solutions

“They really dive deeply into the science and bring out commercial ramifications in a way that is rare for consultancies.”

- COO, Clinical-Stage Biopharmaceutical Company

Services Areas

First Principles covers all biopharma strategy needs from early stage companies to big pharma.

Commercial Strategy

At its heart, First Principles is a strategy consulting firm. We excel at providing guidance at the fulcrum of commercial, scientific and clinical strategy. From portfolio strategy to go/no-go decisions, from developing commercial plans to executing them.

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Operations Execution and Strategy

We offer project management services across clinical, manufacturing and commercial functions to support the needs of every organization & business model, keeping your employees flexible and focused on what they do best.

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Market Research

With global capability across almost all therapeutic areas, First Principles employs a full suite of quantitative and qualitative primary research techniques to get the best relevant information for pre-clinical to post-launch stages.

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Portfolio Management and Disease Area Strategy

Working with some of the largest portfolio groups in the world and cutting edge platform technology start ups, we routinely implement best-practice practical portfolio management techniques in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Therapeutic Areas

First Principles' experience and expertise covers the most cutting edge science in the pharmaceutical industry.


Solid tumors, Hematology, Immunoncology including CAR-T and bispecifics, targeted combination strategies including companion diagnostics (cDx), etc

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Rheumatoid arthritis, IBD, Psoriasis, Lupus, etc

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Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Hemophilia, Guache, Pompe, MPS1, MPS2, MPS3, etc

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Central Nervous System

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc

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Infectious Disease, Cardio Vascular, Metabolism, Pain

Meet the Team

First Principles Advisory’s team has extensive hands-on experience delivering market research, operational strategy, and commercialization strategy solutions for bio-tech companies.

Mitchell Kossar

Strategy, Market Research, Portfolio Management, Commercialization

Benjamin Rogers

Strategy, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Operations, Commercialization

Michael Schlamp


Commercialization, Strategy, Market Research, Technical

Andy Ghosal


Product Strategy, Market Research, Business Analytics

Toby Kilroy

Strategy, Market Research

Lindsey Milisits


Rosie Buckley

Strategy, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Operations

Diana Starr


Strategy, Market Research, Portfolio Management, Technical

Avery Burke

Data Modeling

Richard Koo


Strategy, Market Research, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Operations

Florence Bouvier

PharmD, MBA

Market Research, Technical

Mathew Voghel

PharmD, MBA

Strategy, Market Research

Avery Hill

BS, UCB (Econ. & Bio.)

Cavan Bailey

Christophe Langouët-Astrié

Biotech. (Univ. of Colorado)

Susan Garrahan

Strategy, Market Research

Russel Degener

Data Modeling, Commercial Assessment

Strategic Advisors

Baruch Harris

Kristi Jones

Josh Schwiesow

Jim Thompson


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