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We are always interested in meeting smart, motivated individuals who complement our team. Please upload your contact information and resume, and we will get back to you shortly.


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Seminar Series

This seminar series is neither a full-time internship nor an extended interview process. It is an opportunity to learn about the industry and consulting, to network with biopharma consultants and executives, and for First Principles to connect with emerging biopharma consultants. 

Program Highlights

  • Weekly seminars on topics relevant to management consulting and the biopharma industry 

  • Networking events with industry executives and members of the FPA consulting team

  • Mentorship 1:1's

  • Select opportunities to work on hands-on projects

This seminar series is designed to excite and educate about the biopharma and management consulting industry. Participants will be introduced to critical concepts and experts in the field, and have an opportunity to learn about a career in biopharma strategy consulting. 

Full-Time: Analysts, Consultants, and Engagement Managers

The staff of First Principles Advisory Group in its early years comprised a mix of career-track consultants and former in-house drug development and commercialization experts. This composition occurred organically and has proven extremely effective. Clients love our complementary and powerful combination of big consultancy-honed analytical and hands-on “been there, done that, got the industry/launch t-shirt” in-house experience. We believe our blend of staff backgrounds has served our clients well over the years and also differentiated us positively from other consultancies, so we continue to strive for this balance.

Whether you’re a mid-career consultant with experience in the biopharma sector or an industry veteran looking to solve problems in a different context, First Principles will offer you intellectually challenging work through our varied clients, all of whom are at the frontiers of innovation in biopharma.


We view our internship program as:

  • a way to provide high potential individuals with meaningful, hands-on experience in strategic biopharma consulting;

  • an avenue towards fostering mutually beneficial ties with academic institutions in geographies where our employees are located;

  • a contribution to broadening the understanding of the biopharma industry and consulting among our communities; and

  • an investment in a pipeline for future employees

We accept interns who are nearing completion of an undergraduate degree program and further in academic experience. Pre-existing domain knowledge in the life sciences is not a requirement, but candidates must have a strong interest in learning the detailed science involved with our clients’ work and about the drug development process. Curiosity, an analytical mindset, the humility necessary to admit and learn from mistakes, and patience with getting the details right are other qualities we’ve found correlate with success.

Those interested in an internship at First Principles Advisory Group must also meet several additional requirements, including eligibility to work in the United States (including any grant/funding restrictions) and the flexibility to accommodate changing work volume and timing driven by client needs.

Although we attend career fairs, we interview and hire internship candidates throughout the calendar year based on need. Internships may be structured for a defined or indefinite period, and all of our internships are paid positions.

"Meaningful work for exciting clients, a relaxed atmosphere that prioritizes work quality over workplace formality, and great work/life balance - this is a tough combination to find, one I want to help foster, and why I’m at First Principles."

Richard Koo

"Honestly, First Principles has a unique and special culture that fosters creative problem solving and great work, with minimal political interference. I am incredibly impressed by my colleagues and I have the flexibility to build my career in the direction I want.”

Benjamin Rogers

"FPA was a great firm to work at because we established relationships with partners where we play an integral role in mission critical engagements. The skills I developed at FPA has helped me stand out at my position at a large pharmaceutical company and helped me see the bigger picture."

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