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The focus of early stage development is on the clinical, as it should be. And throughout development every dollar is at a premium. However, those in the know recognize the tremendous importance of correct commercial strategy in the early stages of decision making. The wrong endpoint, the wrong TPP, the wrong delivery mechanism can destroy a product’s commercial viability even if it is approved. First Principles has a long history of getting commercial strategy right. We can provide the exact amount of support necessary when you need it to ace your commercial strategy while keeping FTE counts low and your focus on clinical development.


Brand (e.g. new indication evaluation, launch, new market)

Business development and partnership

Competitive assessment

Corporate strategy (e.g. fund raising, GTM, build vs. buy)

Disease area strategy

Indication prioritization

Intellectual property

Market forecast

Opportunity evaluation (e.g. acquisition diligence, revenue forecasting, Monte Carlo analysis)

R&D strategy (including clinical development strategies)

Technical assessment

TPP development


Case Studies

Website assessment for early stage biopharmaceutical company

What is the go-to-market strategy in the U.S. for an Asia-based medical device startup company?

Analytical model to understand IP-driven commercial risks to an oncology portfolio

Determine the better investment (in-house vs in-license) option for a small molecule drug

Develop a strategic outlook for an infectious disease (ID) area and define organizational framework

Platform technology technical evaluation and deal trends

Strategic competitive intelligence assessments

Immuno-oncology competitive intelligence

Technology prioritization for stem cell (iPSC) regenerative medicine technology

Landscape assessment, development opportunities, and forecasting for novel prostate cancer molecule

"The key thing about First Principles is exceptional thought partnership. They leverage what you have, but also bring a ton of experience to the table. There’s no black box or cookie cutter approach, everything is custom to your needs."

- Big Pharma VP Portfolio and Project Management

“Seen as virtual marketing department. They have a large impact on our decision market, sometimes changing our direction completely”

- SVP and Chief Medical Officer, post-IPO Biotechnology Company

“First Principles is my top-of-mind portfolio and strategic consulting firm.”

- CBO, Venture Funded Bio-oncology Company

Featured Consultant
Toby Kilroy

Toby Kilroy

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