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Our rigorous approach to qualitative and quantitative market research identifies your best opportunities and quickest paths to success. We have access to multiple recruitment databases, including a proprietary opt-in panel of more than 500,000 physicians worldwide from virtually all specialties. The panel also includes more than 100,000 allied healthcare professionals. These resources enable us to successfully conduct thousands of internet, phone, mail, and in-person market research surveys and achieve our clients’ objectives and seize their largest opportunities.


Qualitative Research

In-depth phone interviews

Focus groups (see Recruitment Panel)

Mock P&T committees

War gaming

Patient flow/journey

Unmet need

Product profile testing

Quantitative Research

Demand studies




Buying process

Promotion tracking and message recall

Sales-aid and journal ad testing

Advanced techniques (conjoint, maxdiff)

Recruitment Panel

Thought leaders, specialists, general practitioners

Allied health professionals (dentists, NPs, PAs, osteopaths, optometrists)



Practice Managers

Hospital Admins


Case Studies

Website assessment for early stage biopharmaceutical company

Market research for novel cell transplant procedure

Support services optimization for orphan specialty product portfolio

Demand modeling and scenario planning for a novel, mass-market agent for hypercholesterolemia

Positioning for a novel, ultra-orphan specialty drug: KOL and payer deep dive

What is the market potential for a novel formulation for treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

Launch messaging and positioning for a specialty product

Market research for novel oncology drug with NGS vs. IHC diagnostic strategy

US quantitative market assessment: novel therapy for infectious disease

"We have worked with FPA consistently over the past 5 years. They are a truly collaborative and pragmatic partner -- they help us crystallize our study objectives and efficiently execute studies to clarify key strategic issues and design a path forward."

-VP, Commercial. Mid-sized Biotech

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Toby Kilroy

Toby Kilroy

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