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Operations Execution and Strategy

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Fast moving organizations need people to wear many hats. In the early stages of development, the needs of the organization vary greatly by department and few have knowledge of the full process from commercial to operational. Our fit for purpose organization has this necessary cross-functional experience in strategy and operations. Coupled with our staff’s extensive experience with general project leadership and management - including in clinical operations and manufacturing - we can help you manage your entire operation, on a budget.



Medical Affairs

Project Management

Program Management

Virtual Startups

Case Studies

Applied advanced analysis to understand manufacturing variance for cell therapy firm

On-demand, Short-term Ops Support for a Pre-IND Biotech

Assess the biosimilars market and create a medical affairs strategy to prepare for biosimilar launches

“First Principles’ efforts can vary greatly from anything from manufacturing and quality control project management, commercial analytics or acting as a strategic soundboard. [They] provide the correct amount and correct type of resource to help my company grow”

- COO, Venture-backed cellular therapy company

“Particularly valuable bridging the transition from start-up to clinical through commercialization stages.”

- CBO, Venture Funded Bio-oncology Company

Featured Consultant
Toby Kilroy

Toby Kilroy

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