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Portfolio Management and Disease Area Strategy

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How does a firm set disease area strategy to maximize their portfolio value? With a heavy focus on clinical development, early stage platform companies often postpone addressing this challenge. Meanwhile, the largest companies in the industry struggle to further improve their portfolio management. Our firm has unique and extensive experience in portfolio management, portfolio reviews, and portfolio management system design and implementation from both perspectives. As a result we ask the right questions and make the correct tradeoffs, earning us the trust and ability to develop disease area strategies for Big 10 pharma and successfully prioritize the pipelines of some of the most exciting technology platforms in biotech.


Disease area strategy (will link to the commercial strategy)

Portfolio management

Activity based costing

Case Studies

What can portfolio management do for molecule teams?

What can portfolio management do for early commercialization?

What can portfolio management do for governance?

How to forecast R&D costs and allocate resources appropriately for a rare disease company?

Process overhaul at a Top 5 pharma

Portfolio planning and management

Indication evaluation and prioritization for development stage pharmaceutical client

How to prioritize indications for an early stage company with a disruptive technology?

Analytics overhaul at a top 10 pharma

What is the product positioning strategy for two novel early stage IO candidates for global pharma company?

“First Principles set the course for our portfolio management upgrade. I needed to completely restructure my portfolio management group and heavily relied on First Principles for ideas and to structure the organizational processes, develop new analytics, and implement a data management system so we could have real time portfolio analytics and benchmarks for the leaders of the organization.”

- Big Pharma VP of Portfolio Management

“I used First Principles to … develop real time portfolio analytics and benchmarks to the leaders of the organization. Their experience was invaluable to our efforts.”

- Big Pharma portfolio management Executive

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Mitchell Kossar

Mitchell Kossar

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