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Analytics overhaul at a top 10 pharma

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Client Type

Big Pharma

Client Problems

  • Project team investments proposed to decision-making executives did not use a consistent set of financial valuation data or tools, nor were these easily shared or aggregated into a portfolio view

  • As a result, there was a need for a single system with shared financial assumptions and methodologies for reporting and decision making

What We Did

  • Recommended implementation of the Enrich Analytics Platform (EAP), a data capture tool that is used widely

  • Included: (1) integrated data from across functions, (2) transparent assumptions and calculation methods, (3) tools for scenario analysis, (4) dynamic charts, (5) aggregated portfolio views

  • Led to an exponential reduction in # of data points / fields, data iterations and non-strategic governance reviews

Our Results And Insight

  • The portfolio system implementation was successful, allowing first-time aggregation of portfolio data for decision making across the entire company portfolio.


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