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How to forecast R&D costs and allocate resources appropriately for a rare disease company?

Therapeutic Areas

Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Client Type

Mid-size Pharma

Client Problems

  • What is a starting point for R&D resource needs for a Buy Up?

  • What are the drivers by activity and/or function?

  • What is the expected R&D resource demand across the portfolio?

What We Did

  • Determined the R&D costs and cost drivers specific to the client and rare diseases

  • Created activity drivers and generic cost profiles.

  • Delivered an dynamic activity based costing tool for R&D forecasting in MS Excel.

Our Results And Insight

  • Estimate resource demand for new investments, one-off studies, and projects entering development

  • Forecast internal FTE demand by phase and Line

  • Use activity-based costing “driver” algorithms to interpolate resources based on key inputs like sites, patients, etc.

  • “Model has been used by client ever since for portfolio planning”

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Portfolio Management (Activity-Based Costing)

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Gene Therapy & Orphan Drugs (Orphan)

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