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Immuno-oncology competitive intelligence

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Client Type

Mid-size Biotech

Client Problems

  • A mid-size biotech company has an immuno-oncology therapy with a new MOA in clinical trials

  • They want to determine the current and future landscape for immuno-oncology products, especially with unique MOAs

  • Gain insights from competitors clinical trials and launches and create a differentiation strategy

What We Did

  • Identified all the current players in the immuno-oncology space and stratified them their drug candidates according to MOA, lines of therapy, indications, mono vs combo therapies.

  • Analyzed their clinical trials and determine the trial size, patient segmentation and biomarker strategy

  • Determined the approvals and launches of the competitors products

  • Created a differentiation strategy

Our Results And Insight

  • Emerging immuno-oncology and new therapeutic MOA candidates clinical trials landscape

  • Competitor approvals and anticipated launch timelines

  • Summary of clinical trial deep dive

  • Overview of differentiation strategy

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Commercial Strategy (Competitive assessment)

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Oncology (Solid Tumor, Immuno-oncology)

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