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Indication prioritization for platform technology

Service Areas
Therapeutic Areas

Central Nervous System

Client Type

Mid-size Biotech

Client Problems

  • Our client, a mid-size biotech company, has a platform technology to cross the blood brain barrier and deliver a novel therapeutic modality

  • The client wanted to first identify indications with an unmet need that would benefit from the novel therapeutic modality

  • The client then wanted to build a framework for prioritizing indications, and to create a commercialization strategy for each prioritized indication

What We Did

  • Developed an indication selection and prioritization scheme for the platform technology

  • Prioritized the top 5 indications based on preclinical and clinical feasibility and commercialization potential

  • Assessed the clinical trial and competitor landscape for each indication

  • Created R&D and commercialization strategies for prioritized indications

Our Results And Insight

  • Comprehensive indication selection schema

  • Current clinical trial assessment of competitors for top prioritized indication

  • Top 5 prioritized indications based on technical feasibility of MOA, unmet needs, competitive landscape

  • Overview of R&D and commercialization strategy

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