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Landscape assessment, development opportunities, and forecasting for novel prostate cancer molecule

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Client Type

Pre-clinical client

Client Problems

  • A privately-held, development stage pharmaceutical company wanted to understand the current and future treatment landscape of prostate cancer, opportunities for novel platform development, and forecast peak year sales across several potential indications

  • TA has complex market dynamics, with other products gaining additional indications and targeted therapies expected to become more prominent in the market

What We Did

  • Reviewed the current SOC and pipeline competitors to identify treatment gaps and likely evolution of standard of care.

  • Assessed clinical development opportunities for potential indications alone or as a combination therapy

  • We identified patient segments and estimated market sizing for each potential indication. Using this, we forecast a range of peak year sales based on variable clinical trial outcomes and different levels of patient share

Our Results And Insight

  • Mapped the expected 2020+ Treatment Landscape, showing additional AR pathway drugs and the emergence of targeted therapies

  • Used completed and on-going clinical trials in the TA as an analogue for expected clinical trial design

  • Estimated potential opportunity for each indication

  • Forecast peak year sales based on a range of clinical trial outcomes for each indication

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Commercial Strategy (Market Forecast, Competitive Assessment)

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Oncology (Solid Tumor, Prostate)

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