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Launch messaging and positioning for a specialty product

Service Areas
Therapeutic Areas

Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Client Type

Mid-size Pharma

Client Problems

  • A mid-sized pharma client wanted to evaluate quantitatively the impact of launch messaging and positioning for a orphan specialty product (messages spanned efficacy, safety, reimbursement, and enrollment)


  • In addition, they wanted to ensure the messaging is complementary to the messaging for related products in their portfolio

What We Did

  • Quantitative market research study with n=45 high-volume prescribing physicians, nurses, and pharmacy directors

  • Maxdiff methodology was chosen to collect the large amount of feedback needed with low respondent fatigue

  • 23 messages across 5 categories were examined and a positioning statement was devised

Our Results And Insight

  • Motivation scores were first determined at the message category level across respondent segments

  • Detailed feedback (what score and why) were collected for all messages

  • Individual message scores showed significant variation across respondent segment

  • Feedback was checked for consistency with existing messages (for other products) and customized by stakeholder segment


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Market Research (launch messaging and positioning)

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Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

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