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Market research for novel cell transplant procedure

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Client Type

Mid-size Biotech

Client Problems

  • A small Biotech company wanted to understand similarities and differences for their developmental cell transplantation process with current ASCT processes

  • The company was unsure what their process would cost, and wanted to understand what current ASCT procedures cost, and what parts of that cost would carry over to their process

What We Did

  • Conducted primary research among Lab Managers and Billing / Coding specialists to understand the steps of the current ASCT process and costs

  • Conducted secondary research in hospital chargemasters and claims data publications to confirm costs on a wider scale

  • Confirmed that new process costs would be significantly lower than ASCT costs, and created step-by-step costs estimates

Our Results And Insight

  • Broke down the new process and ASCT into steps, identified overlap, and costed each step

  • Used secondary claims data to confirm costs and provide additional detail

  • Created cost breakdown of new process showing it is an order of magnitude cheaper than ASCT

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