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Platform technology technical evaluation and deal trends

Service Areas
Therapeutic Areas

Other Therapeutic Areas

Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Client Type

Big Pharma

Client Problems

  • A large biopharmaceutical company wanted to evaluate 3 novel platform technologies in development based on technical merits and feasibility

  • The client wanted to determine the degree to which they would integrate and harmonize with their current portfolio and disease areas of focus

  • Lastly, the client wanted to understand the competitive landscape and recent deal trends for prioritized platform(s)

What We Did

  • Performed a technical deep dive into each of the therapeutic platform technologies and its applications

  • Determined the technical hurdles , opportunities and challenges of each platform technology

  • Identified key milestones, current clinical trials and gathered competitive intelligence on the major players in the space

  • Identified top deals, partnerships, and investment trends for prioritized technologies

Our Results And Insight

  • Deep dive into each platform technology and determine its current and future applications

  • Comparison of two platform technologies for solid tumor indications

  • Identified key clinical trials for each platform technology

  • Deals and partnerships in for each platform technology

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Commercial Strategy (Technical Assessment)

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Other Therapeutic Areas (CAR-T, CRISPR), Gene Therapy

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