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Process overhaul at a Top 5 pharma

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Client Type

Big Pharma

Client Problems

  • After a large merger, there was a need to align R&D portfolio data systems, investment valuation methodologies, and data processes

  • Need for a flexible data system and processes that could handle asset valuations for portfolio decision making, 1-off BD valuation scenarios, and global assumptions instead of U.S.-only

What We Did

  • Led cross-functional internal team to assess discrepancies between buying firm and acquired firm

  • Identified process, methodology, and data system improvements (fit to purpose, with goal of improving quality of inputs for decision making while avoiding excessive process)

  • Built internal buy-in with executives to upgrade portfolio data systems, conduct roll-out workshops to build employee user buy-in, and implement methodological upgrades

Our Results And Insight

  • The improved process, data system upgrades, and methodologies were approved by the portfolio decision making executives

  • The data system and processes remain in place today as a highly-functioning portfolio management solution

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