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Support services optimization for orphan specialty product portfolio

Service Areas
Therapeutic Areas

Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Client Type

Mid-size Pharma

Client Problems

  • A mid-sized pharmaceutical client desired multi-year support to help define, implement, and market a suite of support services for their portfolio of premium-priced orphan specialty products

  • Support services included enrollment, financial/ reimbursement, patient education, and monthly lab monitoring

  • TA highly competitive with multiple launches expected during the project

What We Did

  • 12 primary Market Research projects over a 3-year period across 4 stakeholder groups (physicians, nurses, payers, patients)

  • Recommendations integrated findings across multiple channels (online, specialty distributor, and nurse visits)

  • Helped increase compliance with treatment and lab monitoring

  • Helped client maintain leadership position in highly competitive area

Our Results And Insight

  • Clarified landscape of needs and satisfaction levels with current offerings

  • Identified set of competitively differentiated service messages

  • Recommended focusing lab monitoring services on top accounts with differentiated set of online offerings

  • Determined mix of service outreach that would maximize convenience at low investment to client


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