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Technology prioritization for stem cell (iPSC) regenerative medicine technology

Service Areas
Therapeutic Areas


Client Type

Pre-clinical client

Client Problems

  • A venture capital firm wanted to understand the landscape of a new stem cell platform technology for use in the regenerative medicine field

  • They wanted to comprehend the technical advantages, stage of development, therapeutic uses, technical feasibility and intellectual property surrounding the technology.

What We Did

  • Identified companies using the novel platform technology and performed technical due diligence on each of the technologies.

  • We compared the technologies based on their approaches, merits, and stage of development

  • Compared the companies, the indications pursued, stage of development, partnerships, licensing and IP analysis.

  • Performed a deep dive on each company

Our Results And Insight

  • Technology comparison

  • Company comparison

  • Technical due diligence for one of the identified technologies

  • Company deep dive

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