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What is the market potential for a novel formulation for treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

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Client Type

Big Pharma

Client Problems

  • A top 50 global pharma company wanted to know how they could reach $500M US peak sales for a Phase 2/3 drug treating latent tuberculosis (LTBI)

  • The company also sought advice on how to re-frame the large and ill-defined literature prevalence to a more realistically addressable universe of patients, as well as identifying ways to grow that market

What We Did

  • Create a patient flow journey for Diabetic Foot Ulcers treatment and identity unmet needs

  • Perform a qualitative market research and determine preference for route of administrations

  • Generate a TPP for the product

Our Results And Insight

  • Patient flow and opportunity assessment

  • Qualitative market research for KOL preference for route of administration

  • Formulation preference according to severity of disease

  • TPP Generation

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Market Research (Market Forecast, TPP Development)

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