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Indication evaluation and prioritization for development stage pharmaceutical client

Therapeutic Areas

Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

Client Type

Pre-clinical client

Client Problems

  • A privately-held, development stage pharmaceutical company wanted to understand the clinical and commercial factors across a breadth of indications in order to prioritize development

  • There were initial thoughts on several broad disease areas, but no concrete goal or therapeutic target

What We Did

  • Started with a narrow selection of indication in the first round of study, and then expanded into a total of 12 indications (grouped into three broad categories) to assess the full potential breadth of the market

Our Results And Insight

  • Indications were evaluated along commercial, technical, and clinical dimensions.

  • Within these dimensions, scores were assigned across 14 sub-categories, and summed to represent total opportunity

  • Based on these scores and other factors, indications were ranked from highest to lowest opportunity

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Commercial Strategy (Indication Prioritization)

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Gene Therapy & Orphan Disease

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