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Market research for novel oncology drug with NGS vs. IHC diagnostic strategy

Therapeutic Areas


Client Type

Mid-size Biotech

Client Problems

  • A mid size biotech company has a drug targeting a rare cancer mutation and wanted to plan an (ideal) CDx test to accompany the drug launch

  • They wanted to determine the current usage and future adoption of different molecular diagnostic platforms (single analyte, NGS and liquid biopsy)

  • Understand the pro’s and con’s of each platform and determine stakeholders (payers and physicians) perceptions

What We Did

  • Determined treatment flow and molecular diagnostics buy-in process

  • Conducted primary market research with stakeholders (oncologists, pathologists, and payers; N=31)

  • Secondary market research to analyze the market and competition

  • Mapped the niche and adoption of diagnostic platforms (single analyte, NGS, liquid biopsy) in academic vs commercial laboratories

Our Results And Insight

  • Patient flow and diagnostic tests buy-in process

  • Determined the drivers and barriers for NGS adoption

  • Current use trends and stakeholder opinions of solid NGS, liquid NGS, and IHC


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Market Research (Quantitative and Qualitative Study)

Therapeutic Areas Details

Oncology (diagnostics, NGS, Solid Tumor)

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