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Website assessment for early stage biopharmaceutical company

Therapeutic Areas

Central Nervous System

Client Type

Pre-clinical client

Client Problems

  • A small, pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company wanted to assess their current website among relevant users (Doctors and Venture Capitalists) and identify areas for improvement

What We Did

  • Conducted primary research among Neurologists and Venture capitalists to review the website (n=9)

  • Designed unaided website review process to understand unbiased thoughts from respondents

  • Identified specific areas that were confusing or lacking in detail, and provided recommendations for improvement

Our Results And Insight

  • Identified key unanswered questions after unaided review by respondents

  • Created overall scorecard of website and identified strengths and key areas for improvement

  • Provided specific recommendations to address areas of confusion or dislike

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Service Areas Details

Market Research (Qualitative)

Therapeutic Areas Details

Central Nervous System (Alzheimer's, Lysosomal Storage Disorders)

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