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What is the product positioning strategy for two novel early stage IO candidates for global pharma company?

Therapeutic Areas



Client Type

Early Stage IO candidates

Client Problems

  • Which indications should the IO candidates be prioritized for?


  • How does the product positioning affect the overall IO portfolio for the company?


  • Go/no-go decision on mono / combotherapy

What We Did

  • Workshop with client for indication prioritization


  • TPP generation for each candidate across indications


  • Determined the impact of the candidate on the overall portfolio


  • Prioritized the indication selections

Our Results And Insight

  • Estimated revenue potential

  • Indication prioritization

  • Portfolio management


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Service Areas Details

Commercial Strategy, Portfolio Management (Disease Area Strategy)

Therapeutic Areas Details

Oncology (Solid Tumor), Auto-immune

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Mitchell Kossar

Mitchell Kossar

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